The Remarkable Evolution of Theo Jansen’s Magnificent Wind-Powered Stranbeest Walking Machines


Dutch artist Theo Jansen has prepare a suitable compilation documenting the evolution of the Strandbeest, his wind-powered taking walks machines. Over the years, this visionary kinetic sculpture has undergone many changes at some stage in the years. Jansen takes pride in this truth because it enables him learn greater approximately his own work with every passing yr.

Strandbeest Evolution 2021 presents an update on the evolutionary development. Every spring I visit the seaside with a brand new beast. During the summer time I do all varieties of experiments with the wind, sand and water. In the fall I grew a piece wiser about how those beasts can continue to exist the instances on the beach. At that factor I claim them extinct and that they go to the bone backyard.

Evolution of the Strandbeest

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