Skeletonics, A Fully Articulating Robotic Exoskeleton That Expands the Human Body by means of Three Meters


During the Haneda Smart City EXPO 2021, the engineers behind Robot Start Ltd debuted an awe-inspiring robotic exoskeleton they name “Skelotonics” that expands the human body by three meters (nine.Eight feet).

The maximum famous became the body growth robot “Skeletonics”. You can put on a system frame with a peak of 3m and move as a massive frame.

This exoskeleton, which is meant for use for extreme Superhuman sports, is completely articulating and became able to wield a toy sword at some point of the demonstration.

“Superhuman sports activities” is a sport that exceeds the physical capabilities of humans via the use of superior generation and is loved as a superhuman. We aim to be a sports activities event or sport tournament that every body can revel in irrespective of their strengths, a while, or disabilities.

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