RGT Cycling not free. Becomes Wahoo RGT below Wahoo X, aggressively going after Zwift


Three weeks after I wrote a submit approximately the top free indoor biking apps, highlighting RGT because the exceptional option, Wahoo buys them up and gets rid of the unfastened capability, that’s a chunk traumatic.

While it is disappointing that there are actually no respectable free digital/augmented cycling apps, it is promising that Wahoo is aggressively expanding its virtual biking platform. However, Wahoo seems not sure approximately its branding.

Wahoo formerly offered out the popular Sufferfest and rolled it into Wahoo SYSTM.

Now, with the purchase of RGT, they may be launching a new Wahoo X service. Technically SYSTM nonetheless exists, it’s simply Wahoo X is the umbrella provider for each Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT.

If you are on SYSTM or RGT, you’ll be migrated to Wahoo X at no additional value. For RGT top rate customers, I desire this indicates you may keep the $10/month charge. Alternatively, the charge is being jacked up to $14.99 + tax PCM.

To be honest, $15 appears quite affordable to have full get entry to to both SYSTM and RGT.

At the time of writing, both Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT are two separate apps; it seems Wahoo X is just the billing and account control. I’d expect in some unspecified time in the future they will attempt to merge the entirety into one.

Zwift is by means of far the maximum dominant indoor cycling app, but quite a few humans appear dissatisfied at the lack of improvement and diverse glitches inside the sport. They as a substitute appear focussed on developing hardware, together with an indoor clever motorbike. Having a properly-established agency like Wahoo obtaining multiple competing offerings is clearly going to put a few strain on Zwift.

I these days tried out RGT under its unfastened plan, and it changed into a fun experience however most people of riders were bots and had nowhere close to the form of consumer interplay as Zwift. I wish this acquisition sees a large inflow of latest riders.

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